Revolve thinks it's worth $1.2 billion. Will the market agree?

The millennial and Gen Z-friendly e-tailer is expected to stage an initial public offering in New York.


Why Universal Standard's new website represents size inclusive shopping's future

"It's not enough for us to be 00 to 40 and reach this revolutionary inclusivity we've wanted to reach from the start, rather the commitment is to help others in the industry to be able to do the same."


Victoria's Secret can still save itself. Here's where it should start.

The troubled lingerie brand has announced that it will no longer broadcast its fashion show on American network television. That’s a good first step, but more changes are needed to win back customers.


Fashion industry burnout is the trend no one wants to see stick around

Overworked insiders share their feelings of burnout, what triggers it and what the solution is — if there is one.


‘Project Runway”s star judges aren’t just great friends—they’re career cheerleaders

Karlie Kloss, Elaine Welteroth, and Brandon Maxwell attribute much of their professional growth to leaning on each other.


Move over Fashion Nova: How a niche designer brand won Coachella

Tiny New York label Area was everywhere on social media at this year’s Coachella, alongside much bigger brands like Revolve. Here’s how they did it - without paying a cent.


Louis Vuitton has a Michael Jackson problem

The explosive 'Leaving Neverland' documentary, in which the pop superstar is accused of sexually abusing children, could spark a PR crisis for the French luxury brand as it weighs what to do about Virgil Abloh's Michael Jackson-inspired men's collection.


See how Barbie’s style has evolved over six decades

At age 60, she’s still a fashion icon.

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